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Здание фирмы Радмир

Radmir Company was founded in 1996 based on the one of the companies specializing in space equipment development and production. Today Radmir - a leading manufacturer of medical equipment in Ukraine. 

Major direction of the enterprise activities includes design, development and mass production of hi-tech medical equipment, such as complex mammography systems; ultrasound diagnostic instrument; shortwave magneto-thermy devices for microwave local hyperthermia of prostate-gland, as well as certain-purpose physiotherapy apparatus.

Our mission is seen in enhancement of the level of diagnosis and early-stage detection of cancer pathology and chronic diseases, providing medical institutions with ever best equipment at appropriate prices.

Among our clients are numerous public health-care institutions, hospitals, private clinics, medical centers, foundations, individuals, legal entities, medical business 

The company structure includes:

  • development departments;
  • design-engineering department in charge of elaboration of design documentation and medical equipment production support;
  • production departments;
  • service center providing for startup and the maintenance of medical equipment in the operation period.

All the company's divisions are provided with engineers and technicians, having the necessary experience in the development and production of equipment and ensure the required state-of-the-art level of the medical equipment produced.

All aspects of Radmir's activity are controlled in accordance with the unified principles, within the framework of the unified integrated quality management system complying with requirements of EN ISO 13485:2016.

For more than 20 years of operation in Ukrainian market over 1800 Ultrasound scanners manufactured by Radmir as well as over 500 Mammography systems, were realized. The equipment is exported to CIS countries, Asia and Middle East.

Radmir has long-term and fruitful scientific and technical links with leading medical institutions of Ukraine, among others, with the Institute for Cryobiology and Cryomedicine Problems of the Ukrainian NAS, Kharkiv Scientific Research Institute of Neurology and Psychiatry, L.T. Malaya Kharkiv Therapy Institute, Kyiv and Kharkiv Medical Academies of Postgraduate Education, Ukrainian Ministry of Healthcare, the Ukrainian Ultrasonologists' Association, Ukrainian Urologists' Association, Ukrainian Ragiologists' Association, Ukrainian Institute of Cancer of the AMS of Ukraine, Kyiv and Kharkiv Scientific Research Institutes of Radiology, and Moscow Mammology Center of the RF Ministry of Health.

The enterprise was noted with Prizes of Honor “The Best Manufacturer 2005”, “The Best Enterprise 2010”, and “National Award of Ukraine in Field of Science and Technology 2013”.


Early 90ies, after the USSR collapse and deterioration of the space branch financing, the Scientific Research Institute of the Radio Engineering Measurements (SRIRM) had to search for the ways to preserve its scientific potential, highly-qualified personnel and high-end technologies.

Development and series production of the sophisticated electronic medical equipment was one of the prospective trends. This became the subject of activity of a new independent structure, created in 1996 based on the subdivisions of SRIRM – one of the Ukrainian leading companies specializing in space equipment development and production. S.V. Lytvynenko, PhD in Engineering, was appointed as Director of Radmir Company.

The truth is that one of the strengths of Kharkiv inventors of special equipment for the space branch was development of transceivers. And they are the most functionally important in the hardware of the ultrasound diagnostic scanners. Now, the self-designed transceivers operate in the «peaceful» ultrasonic band. Having acquired certain experience in development of the ultrasound diagnostic scanners (USG machines), the first Ukrainian USG machine ТI-628 was manufactured in 1993. Затем серийно производились аппараты ТИ-628А, ТИ-628М, Радмир М, ULTIMA Pro-10, ULTIMA Pro-30.

Today, Radmir, taking into account its own experience and taking cue from achievements of the worldwide leaders, launched production of the supermodern USG machine - ULTIMA SE, which became our real proud.

ULTIMA SE is the first Ukrainian national USG machine with the imaging quality and performance specifications exceeding the world analogues: up to 9216 signal processing channels, combined color mapping modes, intellectual signal processing, pulsatile blood flow color mapping mode, multiangle compound imaging, a broad range of clinical applications.

The machine implements a revolutionary mode – shear wave elastography, enabling visualization and quantity evaluation of tissue stiffness, including oncological pathologies.

ULTIMA SE was approved and supported both by the leading specialists in ultrasound diagnostics, and the managers of the health care system. 

In addition to USG machines, Radmir produces digital X-ray mammography systems MADIS and SYMA.

The first prototype unit of MADIS was manufactured in 1997. Then, Radmir's team succeeded in employment of the latest digital technologies in the design of the new generation of MADIS mammography units intended for the breast condition diagnosing. Since 2012, the company has produced in series SYMA stationary mammography system with improved diagnostic capabilities. The special operation modes, used in this mammographs, considerably reduce the patients' and medical staff's exposure to radiation, and enabled cutting expenses for consumables, usually related to the use of film-screen mammographs. The units have the resolution of up to 8 line pairs per millimeter, which corresponds to the world standards in this class of machines.

The digital imaging technology (the visit takes no more than 10 minutes) finally made it possible to exchange the information between the radiologists (mammologists) using the Internet.

One more direction is the production of ALMHP microwave prostate hyperthermia apparatus for the surgery-substitute treatment (thermotherapy) of benign hyperplasia (adenoma) of the prostate gland and nonspecific prostatitis. ALMHP-01 allows conducting treatment outpatiently within one hour. The action is performed locally through a miniature microwave radiator, introduced into a prostate using a urethral catheter. Chronic prostatitis is treated with the transrectal microwave therapy and transrectal vibratory massage. To improve efficiency, the vibratory massage can be accompanied with thermotherapy. The urethra and rectum walls temperature is measured and monitored through the use of the fiber optical technology.

Also, Radmir launched production of a series of physiotherapeutic devices:

  • ANET-50М – multipurpose low-frequency therapy device;
  • АМWТ-50 – decimeter-wave therapy apparatus;
  • UZT-13.01 F-R – ultrasound therapy apparatus;
  • UHF-60R – apparatus for treatment of inflammatory, traumatic and other diseases. The therapeutic effect is achieved by action on the patient's tissues with the electric component of the ultrasuperhighfrequency field, which induces the thermal and oscillatory effects.

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