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UZT-13.01 F-R Ultrasound Therapy Apparatus

UZT-13.01 F-R Ultrasound Therapy Apparatus

The UZT-13.01 F-R apparatus is designed to generate ultrasonic oscillations to be applied onto target areas of patient’s body, for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes at UST procedures.

High-frequency oscillations during ultrasound therapy procedures result in positive restorable and analgetic effects, whilst relieving spasms of vessels, bronchial tubes; accelerating reparative processes; impeding rough skin scarring; enhancing fibrous tissue elasticity; increasing functional lability of stimulated tissues; normalizing electro-excitation of neuro-muscular system and raising functional activity of sympatho-adrenal system.

The apparatus unit has two Dual-Frequency Converters to ensure effective irradiation of 1 cm² or 4 cm² surfaces.

The apparatus is employed in therapeutic, neurological, surgical, traumological, pediatric, obstetric - gynecological clinics; sanatoriums, health-care centers, cosmetology rooms, beauty parlors, etc. for medical treatment of:

The UZT-13.01 F-R unitis a state-of-the-art, safe, reliable and easy-to-use apparatus of modern design, compact size and low weight requiring no a separate work-room, thus being a very suitable item to relevant medical institutions.

 Parameter  Value
 Rated values of US-oscillations, MHz  0,88; 2,64
 Values of effective US-oscillations’ intensity, W/cm2  0,05; 0,2
 Operational Modes  Continuous/ Pulsing
 Pulses Passage Frequency, Hz  50±1
 Type of UST- Converters  Dual-Frequency
 Values of effective skin-irradiated area, cm2  1; 4
 Mains Power Supply  220/50
 Maximum Power Consumption Rate  45
 Maximum Weight of unit without US-emitters, maximum  2

  1. UZT-Apparatus
  2. Emitter (radiation area is 1 cm2)
  3. Emitter (radiation area is 4 cm2)
  4. High Frequency Cable
  5. Operation Manual
  6. Instruction for Medical Use