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UHF-60R UHF-Therapy Apparatus

The apparatus is designed for treatment of various acute and chronic inflammatory processes in internals, locomotor system, ENT organs, peripheral nervous system, female genital sphere, dystrophic processes and acute purulence through local therapeutic intervention by the ultra-high frequency electric field of 27,12 MHz.

UHF-60R apparatus is an up-to-date, safe, reliable and easy-to-use device. It has modern design, small size and weight, does not need a shielded room for operation, which enables its simple use within health care facilities. 


The apparatus is recommended for use in therapeutic, neurologic, surgery, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynaecology clinics, children's, health resort and other institutions for treatment of:

UHF-60R UHF-Therapy Apparatus - is:

Parameters MU Value
 Frequency of electromagnetic oscillations  MHz  27,12±0,163
 Rated output power in continuous mode  W  60
 Rated output power in pulse mode  W  60
 Outpit power control:
    - prior to starting the procedure
    - during the procedure
smooth, step
 Pulse repetition frequency
 (for pulse mode)
 Hz  20; 50–500 (in increments of 50)
 Modulating pulse length  μs  100, 400
 Operation mode setting time, max  min  1
 Time operating band  min  1-99
 Supply voltage  V/Hz  220/50
 Power consumption, max  VA  350
 Overall dimensions, max  mm  326×298×144
 Weight (of a complete set), max  kg  6,5
  1. Electronic unit.
  2. Flexible applicator holders.
  3. Applicator Ø110 mm.
  4. Applicator Ø80 mm.
  5. Applicator Ø45 mm.
  6. UHF filed indicator.
  7. Operational documents.
  8. Medical application manual.