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New digital mammography system in Kharkov polyclinic

The municipal non-profit company "City Polyclinic No. 24" in Kharkov received a new digital mammography system MADIS last December. Six months later, we decided to find out how doctors work with this device. We managed to talk with the x-ray laboratory assistant Maksimenko Victoria.

According to her, 18-20 people come for examination per day. Many people come for primary medical examinations because of medical reform. And, thanks to the new device, it became possible to identify the disease at a very early stage.

The old device has exhausted its resource, the images were distorted and the technology is developing very quickly now, - says Viktoria - I’ve been working with this mammography system for almost half a year, and if you compare the quality of the images, it’s like cheese and chalk. You can display any growth on the screen, increase it, reduce, explore. The capabilities of the device allow you to identify the smallest neoplasms that other devices would not see at all.