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SYMA Digital X-Ray Mammography System

The Digital Mammografic X-ray Complex System SYMA is intended for screening and diagnostic mammal gland examinations.

The Digital Mammografic X-ray Complex System SYMA is a state-of-the art medical facility for mammal gland radio imaging by aid of PC-controlled target registration methods. This enables a full scope of advanced medicine features of detecting, processing, archiving, printing and feeding mammograms to end-users.

The Complex System is built on basis of novel achievements in spheres of micro-electronics, digital image-acquisiting and processing technologies. The digital DR-type X-ray Image Detector features high-level resolution power and enables high-quality roentgenography-imaging to match any kind of mammology examinations.

The Digital Mammografic X-ray Complex System SYMA is designed for use in medico-prophylactic clinics/centers for screening and diagnostic examinations of patients, aimed at early identification of mammary gland threats.

Functionally, the Complex System enables all kinds of screening and diagnostic breast examinations in sphere of mammology.

The Complex System enables realization of the following functions:

№  Parameter Value
 1 Complex System General Technical Characteristics
 1.1  Radiology equipment electric power supply  220±22 VAC, single-phase, 50Hz
 1.2  Electric power consumption rate  6 kVA under short-time peak
0,5 kVA in continuous mode
 1.3  Operational temperature range  10 °С to 40 °С
 1.4  Maximum working mode setting time  15 min
 1.5  Minimum averaged operation life  10 years
 2  X-Ray Emitter Specifications 
 2.1  1kV-stepped-up anode-voltage setting range  (22 to 35) kV
 2.2  1mAs-stepped-up “current-time” ratio setting- range  (1 to 600) mAc
 2.3  X-ray tube- anode material  Моlybdenum
 2.4  Effective X-ray tube focal spot diameter  Maximum 0.3/0.1 mm
 3  Specifications of X-ray Image Detector
 3.1 Digital Detector Work-Field Dimensions  (240±10)×(180±10) mm
 3.2  Digital Detector spatial resolution limit  Minimum 8.0 line pairs/mm
 3.3  Digital Detector dynamic band  Minimum 100 times
 3.4  Quantity of imaging pixels  4000х3000
 3.5  Film- Detector Work-Field Dimensions  (30х24) cm
 4  Displacement Systems Specifications
 4.1  C-arm rotation system  Motor-driven within +180°/-145° spherical range
 4.2  Vertical C-arm displacement system  Motor-driven within 700 mm range
 4.3  Breast Compression System  Automated
 4.4  Compression force range  (4 to 18) kg

The Complete Set includes a pedestal-mounted X-ray Apparatus and two PC-controlled locally integrated Workstations, being: Control Post of the radiology Lab-Assistant and the Radiology Doctor’s Diagnostics Desk. The Doctor’s Diagnostic Workstation has an individual access to a local mammological clinic / center network.

At a specified system configuration, patients are examined by X-ray Laboratory Assistant in tandem with the Radiology Doctor. The X-ray technician assistant has to register patients into the mammology clinic database, proceed with acquisition of X-ray images, and feed thus collected data to the Radiologist Workstation. The Doctor usually contemplates on diagnoses, verbalizes Medical Reports with conclusions, and when necessary feeds the information as hard or electronic copies to further processing. An option with a single universal Workstation is available.

№  Designation Availability  Notes
 1 Mammography system
 1.1  Pedestal-mounted X-ray Apparatus  +  
 1.2  Pedal (2 pcs)  +  
 1.3  Plug  +  
 1.4  Network Splitter   +  
 1.5  LAN Cable  +  
 1.6  Cable for automated working place  +  
 1.7  Spare Parts Kit  +  
 1.8  Set of Mounting Parts  +  
 1.9  Patient’s Chair  *  
 2  X-Ray Lab Assistant's Workstation  
 2.1  PC System Unit  +  May be replaced by Notebook*    
 2.2  24" Color Monitor  +
 2.3  Keyboard  +
 2.4  Mouse Manipulator  +
 2.5  Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)  +
 2.6  Inkjet Universal Printer  * With Universal Workstation option
 2.7  Mathematical Software Package  +  
 2.8  X-ray Lab Assistant’s PC-Desk  *  

 X-ray Lab Assistant’s Chair

 3  Radiology Doctor’s Analysis/ Acquisition Workstation*
 3.1  PC System Unit    +
 3.2  Standard 23” Color Monitor    +
 3.3  Medical 21" Monochrome Monitor    +
 3.4  Keyboard    +
 3.5  Mouse Manipulator    +
 3.6  Laser or Inkjet Printer (for Medical Reports printing)    +
 3.7  Film Printer (for Mammograms printing)    *
 3.8  Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)    +
 3.9  Network Splitter    +
 3.10  Radiology Doctor’s PC-Desk    *
 3.11  Radiology Doctor’s Chair    *
 4  Personal Protective Means
 4.1  X-ray Protective Apron  *  
 4.2  X-ray Protective Funnel-Collar  *  
 4.3  X-ray Protective Screen  *  
 5 Operational Documents
 5.1  Operational Manual Book    
 5.2  Certificate    
+ - availability
* -  delivered by agreement with the Customer

Two basic configurations of the Systems are available: