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Ukrainian manufacturers of medical equipment united in Ukrmedprom Association

In Ukraine, Ukrmedprom Association has been established having pooled the best domestic manufacturers of medical equipment. It was reported by Alexander Dichek, the Association President, at the press-conference at "Obozrevatel".

"The idea of forming the Association has been long in the air, but we were nudged to take this decision by the reformation of the medical system, which was announced in July of the last year, and the declaration of our government in support of domestic producers", - the Head of Association told.

Ukrmedprom was officially registered on 17th of June.

According to Dichek, the main target of the Association is to protect corporate interests of the Association members and coordinate their actions while keeping out of their business activity ". Well-known manufacturers of medical equipment in Ukraine joined Ukrmedprom – Teleoptik, Radmir, Utas, Кras, Avtospetsprom, Dispomed, Medapparatura, Metekol, Kontakt. The President expressed his hope for other representatives to join the Association in future, who would see sense and wish to collaborate".

Ukrmedprom grants protection to its members at several levels – legislative, legal, informational, educational and others.

Thus, the Association monitors legal framework and the draft laws prepared for review. In addition, the plan is to carry out an "analysis of passed laws and prepare its own proposals to those authorities or entities who have the right of legislative initiative".

To render legal assistance to domestic manufacturers of medical equipment, the Association established a service for legal aid and emergency legal aid. "We remember how important are cooperation and associativeness in fighting such a major economic crime like the corporate raid", - the Head of the Association noted.

Therefore, what is meant here is "protection of corporate rights of the members at a system level", - Dichek emphasized.