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ULTIMA SE Ultrasound Scanner

ULTIMA SE - a modern and reliable diagnostic device for a wide clinical application.

Technologies of (CF-, PF- and TD- modes (Color Doppler Imaging), as well as PW- (Pulse-Wave) and CW- (Continuous Wave) modes of spectral Doppler imaging. High quality of cardiologic, transcranial and pediatric examinations. Multi-parameter adaptive Pulsating Flow-Filter for arterial vessels’ visualization.

Full package of special measuring software for every kind of examinations. Feasibility to carry out examinations in all areas of medicine from muscular-skeletal system to cases of oncology or encephalon vessels.

Ultrasound diagnostic ULTIMA systems meet the strictest requirements of nowadays medicine.

These systems employ the best innovative technologies ever known in the world’s practice of ultrasound diagnostics, including:

The ULTIMA system possesses best software resources on ultrasound diagnostic techniques ever known worldwide, upon reliable level of diagnostication.

Clinical applications:

B, M modes (black-and-white imaging):

 СF, РF and TD modes (color mapping):

 PW (pulse-wave) and CW (continuous wave) spectral Doppler modes: